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A bit bare bones at the moment, but...who am I? A creative mind. A procrastinator. An avid fandom enthusiast. And a roleplayer.

Alas, I only know a handful of people, but would love to know more...particularly in the Sly Cooper fandom. If anyone out there happens to indulge in Sly Cooper RP, drop me a note sometime and we can talk about meeting up on some medium or another!
It's been well over a year now since Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time was released. And since then, there's been absolutely no word on when Sanzaru Games plans on making a sequel. And as a fan of the series, considering that they left us with a cliffhanger ending? That's a very serious problem.

To fully appreciate WHY I'm asking that Sanzaru Games give us news on when to expect a Sly 5, you have to consider that the last Sly game was over seven to eight years ago; and we fans of Sly Cooper were left with a happy ending--Sly and Carmelita had finally gotten to
gether, even Bentley had found love, and the story had been wrapped up in a satisfying manner while leaving things open for a sequel.

And what did Sanzaru do when given a chance to continue the series? They overrode that happy ending by making Carmelita nasty towards Sly for a LOT of Thieves in Time, without EVER taking all the good that he'd done for her into account--never mind that SHE was just as much at fault for lying to Sly, herself--and never took the time to have the two work out their differences at any point right before the very end. And even then, all we got were a handful of minutes compared to the REST of Carmelita's unreasonable behavior for the rest of the game. It just does NOT balance. Not even a bit.

Furthermore, they turned Penelope evil for reasons that were flimsy at best, rather ignoring her characterization and how well she got along with the gang for most of Sly 3. If they'd foreshadowed things properly by having Bentley mention that she seemed dissastisfied with guarding the Cooper Vault, that would have been one thing. But instead, they promptly made her evil with absolutely NO foreshadowing whatsoever. Unless something like that is written well, it comes off as a very awkward plot twist. And this was not written well.

And to top it all off, when the time came to give us a finale, we had every reason--given the game so far, along with the well-drawn cutscenes.--to expect an epic boss fight, and a chance for Sly and Carmelita to properly repair their relationship. 

Instead, Sly got captured MOMENTS into the final act, and his ancestors all went and stole the spotlight; instead of Sly having a chance to prove his true worth as a Cooper. And when he finally got out, did we get an epic duel with Le Paradox? No. We got a glorified quick-time event. And, as the final insult, Sly was ultimately suckered in by a cheap ploy that only a five-year-old would have fallen for.

Sly Cooper was reduced to a chump...and Sly is NOT a chump. He is a dashing, clever, witty hero. And Sanzaru completely forgot that.

All of this, and we were left with an unhappy ending. Sly's gone, and all the gang has left is their hope that he's still alive; and the thief himself is trapped in Egypt. And that's it. Eight years of waiting for a downer ending.

If Sanzaru came out and announced that they saw all the complaints fans were making, that would be one thing. If they explained WHY they made some of their decisions, that would make a difference. Heck, if they actually swallowed their pride and flat-out apologized for disappointing us so much, that would make all the difference.

But instead, they've remained completely silent, other than to make announcements about a Sonic game and a God of War port that none of us asked for, with absolutely no word whatsoever on whether we're going to get any kind of resolution for the mess we were left with.

Is it asking Sanzaru too much to respond to the fans? Don't we, after faithfully waiting eight years and giving them a chance, DESERVE that much? I certainly don't think so.

And if someone from Sanzaru is reading this, I ask that you take it into consideration. I'm not the only one who was disappointed by Thieves in Time's ending. And, having taken on the reins and asking for our confidence, isn't it only fair that you communicate with us a little? Because I assure you, your continued silence, regardless of its reasons, only gives the impression that you don't care about your fans, or how disappointed they might be.

Please...respond to us. Let us know you've heard our complaints. Let us know that you care about the Sly Cooper franchise.



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