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Lurker, fanfic writer, artist, and RolePlayer
United States
A bit bare bones at the moment, but...who am I? A creative mind. A procrastinator. An avid fandom enthusiast. And a roleplayer.

Alas, I only know a handful of people, but would love to know more...particularly in the Sly Cooper fandom. If anyone out there happens to indulge in Sly Cooper RP, drop me a note sometime and we can talk about meeting up on some medium or another!
In an attempt to draw attention to the heartache of Sly Cooper fans, I’ve brought up a topic on the official Playstation forums that outlines the ways in which the franchise was ruthlessly betrayed by Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time. The link can be found here, as follows:…

So far, most of the responses I’ve received have been scornful dismissal from people who can’t appreciate how badly the colorful Sly Cooper franchise was wronged--who won’t so much as acknowledge that what Sony has done to the franchise as being hurtful and irresponsible. No one has stepped forward to support what I’ve pointed out, or to spread the word of the sort of company that Sony Playstation has apparently become. As far as I can tell, I stand alone.

So, to any fans of the Sly Cooper series--and indeed, to any who appreciate the need to resolve cliffhangers, or believe that companies should be held accountable for acts of irresponsibility or disloyalty--I beseech you to act. Register on the forums, and make your voices heard. Back up my protest. Make your own posts, stating the situation in your own words. Put the word out everywhere you can, on public review sites if possible.

Right now, what’s needed is a unified and relentless show of solidarity from Sly Cooper fans. We need to show Sony Playstation that their betrayal of a lesser-known-yet-beloved franchise has NOT gone unseen, and that they CANNOT sweep what they’ve done under the rug. We need to make sure everyone knows it--to see to it that Sony is publically known as a company that betrays its distinctive franchises and fans. We need to encourage others to buy from companies like Nintendo, who still value the importance of loyalty. We need to make our voices heard, and bring as much attention to this as we can.

Sly Cooper is an iconic, memorable franchise. What Sony has done to it cannot be allowed to stand.

Please...stand up. Make your voices heard. Do something to fight this injustice.

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