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Lurker, fanfic writer, artist, and RolePlayer
United States
A bit bare bones at the moment, but...who am I? A creative mind. A procrastinator. An avid fandom enthusiast. And a roleplayer.

Alas, I only know a handful of people, but would love to know more...particularly in the Sly Cooper fandom. If anyone out there happens to indulge in Sly Cooper RP, drop me a note sometime and we can talk about meeting up on some medium or another!

So I was fired today.

Apparently, I'm not allowed to point out that I had more shifts dropped in my lap with little to no warning, and no proper explanation for WHY (the other worker was sick) until I got there and asked. This, AFTER spending a week and a half pulling double-shifts because said worker got to have a whole week off to attend a friend's wedding.

And then I'm not allowed to ask if I can have one whole day off per week after the sort of stress I had to deal with. And when I'm told that "the board won't approve it," I'm not allowed to ask if I can talk to the other members of the board to tell my side of the story.

Ever since taking this job on, I was there seven days a week, always taking care of the dogs, and never taking any real vacation since the day I got hired. I put up with my boss constantly talking to me in a sour tone of voice or making mountains out of molehills. I tried to balance my heavy class workload with coming in for shift after shift, with no real time to work on the bigger assignments in-between. I was polite. I was respectful. I even took on extra shifts when it was clear that the other worker couldn't make it.

And this is how I'm repaid. By not being allowed to ask for a day off, and being fired without so much as a chance to defend my position.

That's the manager of "Greyhound Ranch Adoptions" for you--giving shelter to dogs, but treating the people who help take care of them like meaningless slaves.

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